So J-Propz has finished her summer internship, I’m not gonna lie, I’m more than a little sad. I’m gonna miss her!
We had a fantastic send off, which I believe she enjoyed despite being locked in a cage and power hosed (not by me!!)
She seemed particularly chuffed when I gave here the ‘Intern Motivator Ver.2.0’
All the best in the future @jen_mcginley

3 days ago

J-Propz leaving party tonight. We thought it would be a good idea to put the interns in a cage! Pretty standard.

4 days ago

J-Propz has nailed this baby #Groot sculpt. Can wait to crack open the mold tomorrow. Watch this space!

5 days ago 4 notes

First time seeing all the components of the #DukeFleed #Actarus #helmet together. Assembly should get done tomorrow, then it’s time for paint. Very excited to get this one finished.

1 week ago 3 notes

#Wolverineclaws coming along nicely should have a pair ready for tomorrow.

1 week ago 1 note

J-Propz getting her sculpt on today. Baby #Groot is taking shape pretty quick.

1 week ago 1 note

Saturday night, home alone, playing with a #RaspberryPi whilst eating ice cream and perfectly happy about this.

1 week ago 1 note

I realised that I have none of my work on display in my home. Needed to rectify the situation.
I’ve been slowly preparing this #GoT #Dragon #Egg over the last few weeks. Black with red highlights, as described in the book, the egg that would hatch #Drogon. Check out the flamed timber stand, this baby is HOT!

2 weeks ago 6 notes

The bittersweet of shipping cases leaving the workshop today :(

2 weeks ago

Two bearded men with some shiney helmets in a very dark room for 4 hours, pretty standard Sunday evening tbh.

2 weeks ago 1 note

Soooo shiney!

2 weeks ago 18 notes

Finally! The breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, vertically scrolling text on the #GuyManuel #matrix for the #discovery era #DaftPunk #helmet

2 weeks ago 3 notes

#RandomAccessMemories gloves are ready for assembly. Eva foam pads were attached to the fabric, later tomorrow I’ll attach the chromed plates to the pads.
It’s all coming together, piece by piece.

2 weeks ago 2 notes

What is @jen_mcginley (aka J-Propz) up to?

2 weeks ago

Oh, I’ve not shown you the rainbow fan lights and equalisers for the #GuyManuel #helmet. Ready to install once the matrix is completed.
I’m going to be pretty upset when I have to ship these #DaftPunk helmets. Its going to be ages before I get time to build my own.

2 weeks ago 3 notes