Decided to get into the telecommunications market. This is my first device which has been extensively tested in my office!

13 hours ago

Taking orders for my version of the #AdventureTime #sword.
Kits and Finished swords available. Email if interested.

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The @UKCM will eat anything! #dragonegg omelette!

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@mrchrismckay suggested that I go into a new line of work!!

1 week ago

New masks in the toy section!!! This time me and @toadmaster45 didn’t get asked to leave! (at Tesco Extra)

1 week ago

#DaftPunk #Selfies
Preparing the robots for tonight’s photo shoot.

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@toadmaster45 isn’t very impressed with the price of this TV!

2 weeks ago

Sorenzo Props - Glasgow

Featured in Le Cool Magazine. 
Check it out. 

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Dredd and Finn selfies!

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Look familiar?

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Got some disappointing news today. Doesn’t look like I’m getting to the US for #DragonCon this year. Oh well, tomorrow is going to be a great day.

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My Finn the Human from Adventure Time. I made the Hat, Backpack and Sword last week. 

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Big Glasgow Comic Weekender - Cosplay Competition

Had amazing fun the the Big Glasgow Comic Weekender cosplay competition. I was honour to be asked to Judge, we had a tough time choosing. 

2 weeks ago

I like this!

Watch the advert here [X]

(via ryuon)

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Of course I made the sword!!!

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