#GuyManuel is up next. Expect some pretty swift progress over the next day or 2.

22 hours ago 2 notes

This might not look like much, but this is the breakthrough I’ve been anxiously waiting for!

23 hours ago

After all the drama and turmoil of last month it was great to spend a couple of hours doing something simple….. building shipping crates, so relaxing.

1 day ago

Quick video of the #ThomasB lights running. Will get more images and videos over the next day or so.

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#ThomasB is done! One #DaftPunk #helmet done, one to go!

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Workshop cookout!

2 days ago

Another long assed day!
Thomas is 98% complete now. All he needs is the tinted visor installed, the ear pieces attached and some cables tidied up.
Exhausted, but quite happy right now.

2 days ago 5 notes

Tomorrow we’ll see all the lights installed.

3 days ago 7 notes

Today this happened!
#DaftPunk #ThomasB #LED #Matrix
Stressed me out a surprising amount, certainly learned a lot about electronics over the last 24 hours.

4 days ago 1 note

Cracking out the big guns!!
#oscilloscope #electronics #matrix #neopixel #ineedsleep #cuteledmatricesofinstagram

4 days ago 7 notes

Testing #NeoPixel LEDs strips for the #GuyManuel helmet. This will have a 14 x 35 matrix, just like the original!

5 days ago 1 note

Got the pictures of my party at the weekend from @alasdair_watson. As expected, they are wild! Will get them uploaded soon. Get ready to un-tag!!

1 week ago

All the pieces for this epic #DaftPunk commission are coming together. There’s been some setbacks, a lot of drama along the way, but we’re still on target. Everything will be ok!

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Got my #spacegunproject kit from @chinbeard late last week. The perfect present before my party. This thing is perfect, the casts are immaculate!! I’m going to have to up my game in the future!

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The only good thing about waking up on the couch at my work after the party is that I don’t have to get out if bed and g

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