#shellshock & #plastipaste have to be my 2 favourite products from @smoothon! So easy to work with and the results are always amazing!!!

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Raffle time soon!!!!!!!!!!

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This is Jennifer, my new intern. She’s been busy molding the #AdventureTime sword, when not being rudely interrupted by me taking pictures.
I think she needs a nickname though? What do you think??

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#GuyManuel has turned into a bit of a red neck!

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This year I will have my first #Intern. My very own minion for 8 whole weeks, I am very excited. I did take some time to create a special #prop to help keep her motivated for the summer!

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Been casting hella lot of #Batarangs for this weekend. #SorenzoProps will be at @bigglasgowcomic weekender event at Walkabout in Glasgow to celebrate #Batman 75th Anniversary.

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Sorry for the lack of (relevant) posts of late. As you know I’ve been quite ill the past few weeks. Work has been continuing on in the background, slowly, preparing for the weeks ahead were you will be inundated with posts. A whole heap of wonderful work will be happening, lots of excitement and probably some drama too.
Until then, here’s me at the weekend, protecting my modesty whilst wearing a kilt on the deck of a windy ferry.

2 weeks ago

Eating leftovers whilst watching #silicone de-gas. #multitasking
This is the start of a very very VERY busy month or 2. Gonna be spending a lot of time in the workshop. #gettingshitdone #bringiton

2 weeks ago

At a #Scottish #Highland wedding this weekend, my first time wearing a #kilt, which is most liberating!
Didn’t have a kilt pin, so I improvised!

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Despite being ill, I did manage to dust this guy off.
Looking forward to remolding the #Discovery era #GuyManuel. With the knowledge I have now, this #mold should be far superior to anything I’ve done to date.

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Look who I found in my #Lego stash. #BennyTheSpaceman

3 weeks ago

#glasgowcomiccon was phenomenal. So honoured to be included in such a fantastic event. I had some time off on Sunday to browse the stalls, chat with some amazing people and pick up some goodies.
#Comics #Comicbook #DungeonFun #Saltire

3 weeks ago

Day 2 of #glasgowcomiccon.
Forgot I had a 2 page spread in their Cosplay at Comic Con book. Quite chuffed bout it.

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So the #Cosplay competition was popular today!!!

3 weeks ago

Look who’s over here with me in the Renfield Centre today #glasgowcomiccon
#hansolo #hanincarbonite

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