@jen_mcginley is the first casualty of the party, and it doesn’t even start for another 30 hours!!!

2 hours ago

LEDs with 4 legs? These little beauties have microchips inside them! Yes inside them!
I’ll post more details about them soon.

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J-Propz has been busy making all sorts of #tiki goodies for the #sorenzoprops #birthday #party on Friday!
Getting excited now!

3 days ago

Stress levels have return to ‘Slightly Elevated’
These guys showed up at the shop today, on time but without their chrome!! There was a lot of drama and panic over very little, but it’s all calmed down now. A little extra prep and they’ll be sent for chroming again. Fingers and toes crossed this time next week they’ll be back in their fully chromed splendour!

1 week ago

I couldn’t go to bed without seeing some pretty lights.
I needed a win today, this will most certainly do!

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The day wasn’t a total failure. I did get some #DaftPunk gloves ready for a very patient client.

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Which way did he go Charlie???


1 week ago

'Is this your ca… . did you draw a penis instead of writing your name?'
Hahahaha, I love magicians, easy targets!

1 week ago 1 note

Trouble shooting the #GuyManuel LEDs tonight. It’s actually easier to see faults on the video. Only a handful of LEDs not lighting and a couple of loose connections. Won’t take long to sort out.

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Saturday Night Scarface

#scarface #tonymontana #saturdaynightfever #toy #figure #collectable #rubixcube

1 week ago

Need 64 x 4.9mm holes drilled to a dept of 9mm, evenly spaced to 0.001mm accuracy?? The CNC machine comes in very handy.

1 week ago

The easy part is done!
Rainbow & chin equalisers for the #GuyManuel helmet. Now I just need to make a couple of matrices, only 800+ LEDs individually soldered together.

1 week ago

@jen_mcginley aka J-Propz working on building me a dinosaur for the #SorenzoProps birthday party.
It’s my party and I want a #dinosaur, do I’m getting one!!

1 week ago 2 notes

Tom - ‘we’ve got an emergency, we need to use this can of expanding foam now! What can we fill’
Me - ‘Here’s a dragon egg, let’s fill it up and see what happens!’

2 weeks ago

That’s another #SwannMorton retractable handle I’ve broken. Must be 5 this year :(
Time to find an alternative!

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